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On a worldwide scale, successful landing pages produce over 47% more sales than sending visitors to a website home page. With effective landing page optimization you can increase brand relevancy and user experience by implementing strategies that are 95% more effective than websites, in converting visits to sales.

How can we help with Landing Page?

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Our landing page design experts work with the designer to create a beautiful and aesthetic design which could help to achieve campaign goal. In most cases, a landing page is designed to accompany a paid search advertising or social media campaign, therefore, we keep the information relevant to the ad copy and conversion goal. We also implement a backend reporting system that helps businesses know user interaction and behaviour when they land or convert through a landing page. We do A/B tests on different variables to increase conversion rate and track performance for each variable using tools like Instapage and Optimizely.

What are the essential elements for landing page optimization?

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A value proportion that sets your business apart

An effective value proposition is the first step to landing page optimization, setting the tone for your services and creating a lasting first impression. The value proposition needs to describe how your product or service solves problems, the type of benefits offered and what sets your business apart from competitors.

Hero Shots that highlight your solution

Once the benefits are established, a hero shot needs to be included in the landing page design to demonstrate the impact your service will have for clients. A hero shot can be an image or video that highlights how your service provides the solutions visitors to your landing page need.

Benefits and Offer Features

The best landing page designs have a clear layout of the benefits and features available. Effective landing page optimization requires a clear breakdown of what your services offer, and how that will help solve the problems your visitors are facing.

Elements that establish trust

Landing pages are often the first point of contact for your services, and it is important to establish trust with your visitors. Sharing testimonials, awards and certifications can demonstrate trustworthiness and success for your services. Once you have established trust elements, it becomes easier to apply landing page optimization conversion strategies.

Call to Action the encourage action

Landing page conversion optimization involves the development of a direct statement designed to encourage visitor action. To convert visitors into leads or sales, there needs to be a clear call to action that drives engagement. Visitors are more likely to convert when there is an obvious direction for them to move in. 

Forms that encreases effectiveness

The final step in landing page conversion optimization is giving visitors a way to contact your brand or sign up for the service directly. Ending the landing page with a form for visitors to fill out ensures immediate conversion, increasing the effectiveness of your service.

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